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Add Margin and Padding to Titanium UI Views like CSS BoxModel

Have you ever tried to add padding to your Ti.UI.Label to add some space between it and the view it’s nested in. In the web development world it’s easy to position your content exactly where you need it by using … Continue reading

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Appcelerator Titanium Tip #2: Expedite Development with App Templates

Mobile app templates have been around for some time now. You can get them for all kinds of platforms but not many out there for Appcelerator Titanium apps. This market is pretty new and not many people really know about … Continue reading

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ViewScrollr: Free Titanium ScrollableView Module

ViewScrollr is a free Titanium JS Module I created to fix a problem I had a while back with the Ti.UI.ScrollableView object. Basically I needed more control over how the page indicators looked. After some late night hacking I came … Continue reading

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Appcelerator Titanium Tip #1: Use WebViews To Transform SVG Images

Quick tips are always helpful so I decided to start sharing some since I don’t have the time to write many detailed articles. Our first tip in this series has to do with scalable images. It’s always a pain to … Continue reading

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Action Bar Module for Titanium Mobile

I recently re-wrote my Titanium mobile template (StoreApp) to support Android devices. In the process I coded the a basic foundation for an action bar module. The Titanium SDK doesn’t support action bars yet but there is a task logged … Continue reading

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Useful Links for Titanium Mobile Developers

Here are some links I found useful in building quality mobile apps. Enjoy! Apple iOS Links WWDC10 Sessions: Apple released the recorded WWDC10 sessions for free last year. I’m assuming you have a developer account already so all you need … Continue reading

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Titanium Q&A vs. StackOverflow

We all need help sometimes. Especially when you’re working with some new programming platform. Programmers depend on official support from a company but mostly on a community of fellow programmers either in person or on the web. For titanium that … Continue reading

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Appcelerator Dev Conference Announced

This isn’t a surprise since the last survey I took from Appcelerator had a number of questions about a conference this year. I do plan on attending as you should. The date is September 18-20, 2011 in San Francisco. The … Continue reading

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Welcome to TiHelp.Me! This blog is all about Appcelerator’s Titanium platform. I wanted to start a blog to help myself and others on the platform since I learned first hand how painful it can be to get good support. Titanium … Continue reading

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