ViewScrollr: Free Titanium ScrollableView Module

ViewScrollr is a free Titanium JS Module I created to fix a problem I had a while back with the Ti.UI.ScrollableView object. Basically I needed more control over how the page indicators looked.

After some late night hacking I came up with a pretty basic module with custom paging controls. One of the main differences with this and the Titanium.UI.ScrollableView api is 1) the ability to change the background color of the controls, 2) add a border to each individual indicator and 3) change the selected page indicator color.

Before I released this to the Titanium community I added one more feature that some developers asked about in the QA forums… auto scrolling.

The first version I hacked together used setInterval. I quickly realized this was the wrong approach. If you tried to scroll between pages via touch when the setInterval fired it would override what you were doing and switch to the next page. Really annoying!

So I switched to using a setTimeout. This way you can control when to start the auto scroll timer.

I was fun hacking away at this til 3am. Hope you guys enjoy it. Please feel free to fork, hack and use this module freely.

Download ViewScrollr Demo Project

UPDATE: We released a Pro version of ViewScrollr which adds animated captions and video slides. Available now on CodeCanyon

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2 Responses to ViewScrollr: Free Titanium ScrollableView Module

  1. Luca says:


    I’ve purchased your scroller module from codecanyon and it’s working correctly. I was able to set up my gallery selecting images and data from a database and external sources.
    Now I need now to add an event listener to each image view in the displayed scroller in order to open a window with details about the image showed in the scroll bar.

    I was not able to find anything about events in your documentation. Can you please provide some hint about this?

    Thank you

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