Appcelerator Dev Conference Announced

This isn’t a surprise since the last survey I took from Appcelerator had a number of questions about a conference this year. I do plan on attending as you should.

The date is September 18-20, 2011 in San Francisco. The good news is it starts on a Sunday and is only three days long. This should be easy for me to pull off since I won’t have to take more then two days off from work.

Appcelerator is calling the conference CODESTRONG. I’m terrible at naming things (like this blog) so I won’t complain. I’m hoping to hear about more frameworks and tools then the usual Vimeo videos we currently get.

Registration begins in May. There’s no mention of cost or a venue. There is a survey you can fill out to help decide topics so head over there and fill it out.

Announcing Appcelerator’s CODESTRONG Developer Conference!

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